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The Lowest of Low Autumn Leaves snuggly fleece throw blanket

Autumn Leaves Ultra-Soft Micro Fleece Blanket 60"x80" (in 2 colour modes)


Autumn Leaves Ultra-Soft Micro Fleece Blanket 60"x80" (in 2 colour modes)


Big! 60" x 80" (inches) Japanese inspiration, designed in Sicily, Italy. Our Autumn Leaves pattern evokes the rich colours of Japanese Maple trees in the time of autumn colors.


These ultra-soft flannel blankets are not only snuggly and cosy, they're also lightweight and fold down nicely.  So what, you might well ask.  Well, have you done much travelling?  Haven't you found that at some point, it would be nice to have a blanket with you? Wouldn't it be sensible to have a warm blanket that stows easily in your car, in case you get stranded or unexpectedly lost? Or in the event that you get a sudden urge to go picnicking? Bam! There you go. Travel problems solved... well, the blanket part, anyway.


But!!! Travelling aside, these fleecy blankies are great at home as well -- for snuggle couch time, as an extra layer on top of your duvet, for throwing over your kid who refused to go for a nap and has now fallen asleep, face-first on the carpet... (doubles as a very useful superhero cape when they wake up).  Roll yourself up like a beautiful, leafy hot dog in it if you like... they're big!


What more can I say? Nice blankets, unusual and pretty colours and designs.  They wash up perfectly in the machine and dry in no time.  In fact, after a spin cycle, they almost feel like they're already dry, even though they're not. You know the kind! Do with them whatever your heart desires, they'll be happy (if we impart such consciousness to them) to be a cosy and comforting part of your life. Take your pick! Get a few! Throw 'em around the house! Brighten up the place!



  •  100% polyester flannel, very soft and snuggly.
  •  Lightweight and durable, can be folded away compactly.
  •  Features a premium no-fade print with beautiful vibrant colours.
  •  Printed on one side, size (in inches) : 60"(W) x 80"(L)
  • Machine washable, and very quick drying!!



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