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© 2017-2418 The Lowest of Low. (Il Più Basso del Basso.) Orgogliosamente creato utilizzando perché siamo parsimoniosi (e alcuni dicono, pigri).

Seventh song, second album. Heroin.  Oh, man, the "Big H". The one that everybody tells you you'll wind up on as soon as you take one puff of grass.  It used to be prescribed by doctors for asthma, among other things, until morphine came along. It's old, it's been around for well over a century now.  My grandparents went to school with an actor/writer named Micky Gazzo (he's the guy with a high voice in the Godfather, and also stars in some other things... an episode of Columbo where someone gets poisoned by wine). Well, anyway. He wrote an excellent play called "A Hatful of Rain" about a morphine addict, but in actual fact it was heroin (my grandma told me this stuff.)  I wanted to give this song a kind of brown, grimy New York tenament building feel that hearkens all the way back to Micky Gazzo's time, and write it from the inside, with internal world stuff shifting to the forefront as the external world kind of fades in and out.


The idea with this album was to create a musical representation of a variety of mind-altering substances. For educational purposes, neither condemning nor condoning, because I think drugs have been so mythologised on both sides (gods to some, demons to others) that the ability to really look at them, and to make an honest assessment about their effects on the human physiology and psychology has been more or less lost in the highly-charged rhetoric that's existed particularly since Reagan's "War On Drugs" in the US.  My partner's kid brother was saying that I should make an album based on drugs (as in, glorification, super-cool) because he was 15 at the time, and interested in getting wasted in as many ways as he could muster in order to feel cool.  But I decided to take this approach instead.


At any rate, I'm sure when the kid does get caught with something, it will be chalked up to my "Bad Influence".  I painted a kind of Sacred Heart Jesus/Baphomet for the cover to represent the strange and unsettling dichotomous relationship that our society has with their mythologised ideas of drugs. Also, it's my Space Goat mascot coming into its own mythology for the first time, and the first time I've used the triangle skull logo.


I won't lie, these are strange songs, but I think they're really good. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Heroin (Bad Influence) The Lowest of Low

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