Japanese Banner Backpacks -- Sakura Pink

Japanese Banner Backpacks (Sakura Pink)


Stunning and stylish bags in a panoply of colours on a stunning Sakura Pink background to suit your style and your mood, featuring the latest (Autumn 2018) Japanese Banner design from The Lowest of Low.


A clean face with pockets for your important stuff on the inside where opportunistic ne'er-do-wells can't mess with it.  Super-stylish and totally functional, the strong stitching and sturdy construction won't leave you feeling like it's, well, bagging out all over the place behind you, so it's also kind of ideal if you cycle or need to take it on trains and buses (The carrying handle at the top is ample and well put on there, too. Like, you can actually use it... imagine that!). With a genuinely sturdy zipper closure and comfortable adjustable straps.  PU (“fake”) leather is also sturdier than typical cloth backpack material, so for folks who like to be on the move, it doubles as an easy travel bag or carry bag. It also wipes clean easily with a damp cloth, so you can keep it looking great.


  • 645 grams in weight! (22.75 Oz.) Sturdy thing! Made from high-grade PU (fake) leather: it’s durable, ethical and looks fantastic.


  • Dimensions: Centimetres: 31 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 40 (H). Or (in visualisable terms), 31cm wide (measured across the face from one side to the other), 12.5cm deep (measured along the bottom, from front to back, so… kind of how fat it’s designed to get when it’s completely filled with things) and 40cm tall.  Inches (for those as prefer 'em): 12.2"(L) x 4.9"(W) x 15.7"(H).  It doesn’t taper excessively as it reaches the top, so you can fit your laptop in, or that large-format book of Hiroshige prints you like carrying around with you (ok, maybe that's just me...) without having to have that usual struggle against a zipper who insists "oh, but the bag is shaped thus..." Plus it will hold an awful lot of other stuff besides.


  • The main compartment has a laptop sleeve built in, with a velcro fastening strap to keep stuff where it needs to be. The interior is fully lined and has a zippered compartment inside the front face, quite accessible, so infinitely suitable for things like your wallet, mobile phone and keys. It's got nice, well-finished inner features like a handbag, not just one big empty space.


  • Padded back and padded adjustable "faux" leather shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear, even when stuffed full of heavy items.  The straps are the same colour as the bag (in this case, pink) until they get to the sturdy plastic adjustment hinge at the bottom.  Then they carry on in sturdy black "tape" (3cm wide kind, not that flimsy 2cm stuff.. pfft!).


  • Authentic Italian graphic design from The Lowest of Low, manufactured, printed and shipped from a smallish, well-run workshop in Wuhan City (Hubei), China.  It will come to you brand new, directly from the manufacturer.  Same kind of deal as what Apple does, except "Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China". (Unlike Apple stuff though, you’ll still be cool for years to come sporting this particular model…. ahem!)

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