Sakura Breeze Kimono Robe Haori Jacket Dress from The Lowest of Low

Sakura Breeze Kimono


Step into the Reiwa Era in style!


The workshop has been promising these for a few months, so I'm really excited that they're now a thing.  


Elegant kimono style robes, with wide bell sleeves and a midi length, they actually work really well as a wrap dress (dress it up with a nice obi if you have one!!) or hanging loose over your outfit as a Haori (jacket).  Unlike traditional kimono, these do not have a seam down the back so they lie perfectly flat, and they have some rather nice wide loops discretely placed at the sides to keep the ribbon-style tie that comes with it in place, like a western-style robe.  Of course, you can also just wear it as a dressing gown robe or to cover up after swimming or a shower, too. Or a smoking jacket! Woo!


Whether you plan to wear it outside as a cool stand-out addition to your wardrobe or just lounge in your house with it, it's stunning and silky-slinky and will make you feel good just having it on.  Vibrant, rich colours, and a sexy smooth feeling on your skin annnd it's machine-washable, so there's all the elegance of an actual kimono without the worry and fuss of how to keep it looking great over the years.


Beautifully made, with modern Reiwa Era (!) style and convenience, we hope these will bring happiness, order and harmony to your life for a long time to come.  These feature our Sakura Breeze all-over cherry blossom floral pattern, which brings traditional Japanese elegance into modern design, in a variety of colours.


"Inspired in Japan, Designed in Sicily, Italy."



  • Material: 100% polyester, silky smooth feel.
  •  Kimono cut with bell sleeve and midi length.
  • Well made! Suitable for party wear and street wear. Really, you can wear it outside.
  • Machine washable and dries quickly.


Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Please check the sizing chart and order appropriately for your body.  The photos sent to us by the workshop show a female human modelling, but I see no reason at all to believe it is a "woman-only" thing.  If it fits and you like  it... step into the Reiwa Era already, you know?? ^^


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