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© 2017-2418 The Lowest of Low. (Il Più Basso del Basso.) Orgogliosamente creato utilizzando perché siamo parsimoniosi (e alcuni dicono, pigri).

Tenth song, third album. Ahaaaaa! This is when I became identified with the “W.O.B.” (see the notes for “Manipulative Bitch” for background.)


In part of her unrelenting smear campaign, my de-facto mother-in-law told at least some mutual acquaintances that I’m an incurable, drug-addled whore, and that my partner (her own son, mind you), prostitutes me out, presumably to satisfy my uncountably many terrible addictions (or so I am told.  Previously, I was a leech who couldn’t keep a job, couldn’t maintain friendships, and treated my partner — her son, mind you — like a slave, so I’m unsure when this transformation into lascivious, insatiable whore actually happened.  Since all of it is patently absurd — to tell or to believe — it kind of fascinated me.  I can’t actually be angry at it (as I was about the lazy layabout lie, which was the first, and took me a little by surprise way back then), so I decided to embrace it, for a joke. To take ownership of the identity and take pride in that. Quite literally, “let her raise herself up in pride”.  So now I’m the Whore Of Babylon (W.O.B).  The writing of this track actually marked an important turning point in how I deal with difficult personal relationships.  I like to think that there’s a powerful positivity in it.


Releasing the power that profoundly toxic, manipulative people have over you brings up (at first!) great swellings of anger, sometimes despair, and then ultimately, great energy.  This album, which takes its name from the W.O.B., in many ways shows the progression into and through those stages into a certain hard-won freedom.  I hope that, whichever of these songs might speak to you, they lend you some energy to pull you through the rough patches you may be encountering.

W.O.B. (Babylon) The Lowest of Low

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