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where do you draw the line, exactly? I drew one here. Now Google wants me to alt-text it for SEO. Such is the world we now live in. Isn't it fun? Are you having fun? I'm... I'm actually not. Not right now.

So, you really want to write to us ?

The Lowest of Low logo red triangle devil demon goat skull bones cute

Questions about FutureRetro Electro music, indie artist life and style, cooking and recipes, unofficial peer-to-peer advice about creative processes, philosophy and other human, all too human stuff (really? You want to ask me? That's cool!). Offended invective from small-minded "individuals" also welcome, though things of this nature may not elicit a timely response, or, in fact, any response at all.  Genuine, earnest and meaningful engagement always will, however.

Goggole SEO insists that in order for this website to be worth feeding to you in search engines, this splash must have alt text identification. So here it is.


Some days we manage, other days not so well.

But thank you for your concern.






We run really fast, like psssshhhoooom!

as a consequence, no police have ever

been able to book us.

Well, you've managed to fire one off. Good Job!

Ignore this link.  It's a greeting for the Google trawlerbot, which I made a as a joke, but now it's a big fuckin' SEO problem that can only be fixed by linking it from at least one page. And this page won that great honour.
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