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© 2017-2418 The Lowest of Low. (Il Più Basso del Basso.) Orgogliosamente creato utilizzando perché siamo parsimoniosi (e alcuni dicono, pigri).

Technically, this is the home page. I'm working on it while I'm in lockdown here in Sicily, Italy.

I'm one person, doing all the things you'll see here if you click around, so these things take time.  In the past year, I've been busy writing and recording Nekrololikon, my 9th album, plus presenting a weekly radio show, "The Graveyard Drift" for Voodoo Radio Online, and I've neglected the website for a while. I'm working to rectify that now though, so please bear with me.

While you are here, please watch the film at the top of the page, and have a look around the other pages.  There's loads of stuff here already, and there will be more.... well, soon.

In the meantime, be well and please enjoy yourself while you are here.

A Supplication....

If you like what you see here, please join the mailing list for occasional updates about new releases and maybe some free stuff along the way. Your kind support (even moral support) is most appreciated, always. Always. ALWAYS.

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