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Here you will find embedded music players (for your listening pleasure), together with  in-depth articles, descriptions and other braindroppings about each of the albums released by The Lowest of Low, and something about the creative process, life situation and other (potentially) interesting details that were extant during the writing and recording of these FutureRetro Electro time capsules. Unapologetic and honest in style, these bring a certain insight into the life and mind of their creator. It's all right here, whether that's what you're looking for or not..... 

Pick an album to explore....

The Lowest of Low Nekrololikon album Cover blue eyes dangerous sexy image
The Lowest of Low Mecha Robot Future WOW album Cover geisha warriors apocalyptic dystopian cartoon art image
The Lowest of Low Babylon album Cover Babylonian artefact tablet ruins ancient civilization image
The Lowest of Low Let There Be Light album cover Jesus weather stripping a door medieval style painting image
The Lowest of Low Sirius album cover collie dog oil painting image
The Lowest of Low Empire Album Cover broken cd case worn gears broken mind image
The Lowest of Low Horus Tweets album Cover hawk-headed bathroom clubbing Egyptian God image
The Lowest of Low Bad Influence album Cover Baphomet Jesus Goat bleeding heart drugs image
The Lowest of Low Raving Masses album cover green goat purple sheep image
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