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© 2017-2418 The Lowest of Low. (Il Più Basso del Basso.) Orgogliosamente creato utilizzando perché siamo parsimoniosi (e alcuni dicono, pigri).

Welcome to the FutureRetro Electro Stuff Shop. The indie musician, artist and designer responsible for The Lowest of Low music albums and videos and stuff also designs all this street style fashion clothing, bags, accessories etc. (reusable shopping bags, blankets, watches, socks, swimsuits and anything else that strikes her fancy... all sorts of wild and wonderful things) in the hopes that these will bring some colour and joy to people, and brighten lives with useful top-quality, unique things at affordable prices.  The stuff is better than the prices suggest because making a living as an independent artist/musician/designer and making a killing are not the same thing: and that's the personal belief behind this whole thing. It's the more difficult path, but I believe, if y'all buy stuff and enjoy it, I get to eat, you get to wear cool stuff that lasts a lot longer than cheap crap, and it's better for everyone that way, in the end.

We accept payments by Paypal only, at this time.  We find it's the safest and most economical method for us and for you.