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In the past year or so, Large Corporate Entities, in the interest of "your protection" (and mine), have made it all but impossible for artists to easily sell their music to you online directly, without some kind of middle-man getting their cut.  So, while I used to be able to offer digital albums and tracks at a reduced price here, or in special editions (with free t-shirts, coasters, mugs, etc.), this is no longer the case.  So, instead, here are the albums for your free-listening pleasure, with direct links to store options where you can support me (and them) by making a purchase.  In these interesting times of ours, it's the best I can do.  Please enjoy the music and share the albums and songs with your friends.

While you're here... these are some of the most popular things from the "stuff shop" (they haven't closed the loop on independent artists selling their designs and "merch" directly... yet. )

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