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wrist watch, head-on

FutureRetro Analog Triangle Skull Rose Logo Watch


It's sweet! It's stylish! It's cute! It's chunky! And it tells the time! Improve your ability to render friends and colleagues amenable to your personal charm by turning up to events and meetings on time....


....Plus, it has a second hand, which means you can play games like "how long can I hold my breath without looking like I'm holding my breath" and "can I slow my heartbeat at will" during really boring meetings.


Silver-tone stainless steel casing, shockproof and scratchproof hard-wearing glass face (ahem... not iPhone glass), with our cheerful triangle skull "rose" logo on the face.  True FutureRetro timepiece.  The inner silver surround also has the numbers that tell you what the minutes are, so it's a great way to impress your friends with your incomprehensibly arcane analogue time-reading skills....


The resin strap is durable and comfortable to wear, with a silver metal buckle to keep it where you want it, with holes in the watch strap that are closely-spaced enough to ensure that you likely won't need to be poking holes in durable places trying to get the thing on.


  •  4.37 Oz. weight. Diameter (watch face): 1.77 inches. Width (watchband): 0.79 inch. Thickness (watch): 0.47 inch. Length (whole watch): 9.84 inches.
  •  Fashion silver-tone stainless steel case, black leather, classic round dial.
  •  Hard-wearing, durable, scratchproof face.
  • Durable resin band and adjustable buckle, comfortable for wearing, fits most folks.



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