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Floral Mad Max Respirator Face Mask, Unisex


"May you live in interesting times."

Hmm, yeah. So I didn't really expect the 2020 Spring Collection I was planning after the release of Nekrololikon to include stuff like this. At all.

Nevertheless, where there is a need...


These face masks are comfortable to wear for extended periods, have elastic ear loops, and cater to a certain type of sardonic humour in these truly challenging times, and come in three sizes (for babies, children and adults).  They're well made, fully washable and have a space within the inner lining to insert additional filter sheets (not included -- I hear that HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners, cut to size, are pretty ideal).  Keep yourself and others safe from contagion, stay within the lockdown rules, and show consideration --  and show a little bit of style while you do.


Technical details:

  • 6oz. 100% polyester surface and 100% cotton lining.
  • High elastic ear loops for comfort.
  •  Large enough to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Three sizes, for babies, kids and adults (see chart for measurements and guidance)


I admit, I wasn't going to design these at all. But the way this thing is going on and on and on (I'm in Italy, and at the time of writing they've pushed back the lifting of lockdown measures and the advent of "phase 2" yet again), I realised this required bit of kit isn't going out of fashion anytime soon.  I need one to go out, so I designed a few.  If they bring a (hidden) smile to your face and keep you safe as well, then maybe it's a good thing after all. Now in 5 colors.


Small is recommended for children aged 0-6. Medium for 6-12, and Large for 12+ and adults. Measurements are in inches.


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