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Sakura Breeze Flip Flops


Yay! Flip flops!  These coordinate perfectly with the other Sakura Breeze items in this year’s collection and come in 6 colours.  With their EVA outsoles (think rubbery, not foamy) they’re waterproof, durable and resistant to cracking as well as waterproof, so you can wash them off and keep them looking vibrant for a very long time to come. Anti-slip bottoms make them suitable for the shower, locker room or poolside, as well as the beach or just for, you know, walking around.


The info I get from the workshop tells me they’re also non-toxic. But don’t eat them! (Actually, if you have a shoe-obsessed puppy, this is probably good news, but still….)


They come in four “Unisex” sizes S, M, L and XL.  Have a look at the size chart for reference. 


If you’re in doubt about your size, the best thing to do is to trace your foot on a piece of paper (or get a helpful friend to do it for you) and then measure the length from toe to heel to find your size.  If you’re in between, consider going bigger rather than smaller, especially if you also have wide feet -- these are elegant but run a tiny bit narrow if you have duck feet like me.  If you tend to size up with your flip flops, size these up too. If flip flops generally fit you just fine, don't worry too much!

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