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Kamon Acqua Logo Crew Socks Woooo!

Kamon Acqua All-Over Print Crew Socks (with Logo)


Socks! Whooo! Socks are the best! (yeah, yeah, we know... "said no one ever...").  Nevertheless, socks are an important part of life for many humans inhabiting most places on this planet.


I've rarely been excited to wear socks unless I'm doing sporty stuff, and in my leisure times, if I'm not expressly told "go put on socks!" I probably won't do it.... until now!


Here we have more socks than you can safely shake a stick at, in a nice selection of amazing colours. These are cool socks, and they're thick and warm. Not just a trouser sock... a veritable crew sock!


We've emblazoned them with our very own Kamon Acqua Logo design in a variety of colour schemes, to wear as they are, or to match perfectly with our Kamon pattern all-over print t-shirts. So, not only do they match each other (often, though not always, helpful in the world of socks)... they also match the shirts!!! Unified and organised!  It's almost terrifying!!


We hope these socks attract you enough to want to keep your feet warm and dry with an eager willingness that will also aid in bringing you good health and happy feelings.


Here's what our manufacturers tell us about these crew socks:


  •  9.46 Oz. Made from smooth and soft polyester material, suitable for all people.
  •  Dimensions: 11.02"(L) x 3.54"(W).
  • These style socks provide protection in rough terrains and give warmth during winters. 
  • Very elastic and comfortable socks.
  • Simple and stylish socks for outdoor travel and play.


Only one size, and that's sock size, so take your pick from the colour schemes! Woohooo! Socks!



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