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black hooded sweatshirt with blue chrysanthemum flower design

Blue Chrysanthemum Classic Hoodie


80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 100% coze.


Spring is a weird time of year.  You wake up, and it's maybe a bit chilly (because it's morning) but the sky is a glorious azure, and the sun feels warm even though it's still early.  By 10 am, you're stripping off all your warm clothes and regretting making wrong outfitting decisions in your closet some hours ago. By 10:05, you're shivering and wondering where that chilling blast of wind came from, and putting it all back on again.  Some big clouds are moving really fast up above, and on the one hand, it's really warm, almost summery when the sun's out, and really damned cold when those clouds pass....then it's sunny, but somehow raining?!?!?! Not enough rain to soak you or require an umbrella... oh, wait... ummmmm.... At least rainbows are nice.


This is what hoodies are meant for.  We have a saying here in Italy, "Marzo è pazzo" (March is crazy), and it's easy to get a chill while the weather systems and patterns vie with the inexorable power of the sun's changing angle in relation to our hemisphere.  The best thing to do when you leave the house at such times..... take a hoodie, just in case.


And of course, it might as well be stylish, comfortable and elegant. Classic retro style, clean minimalist design, with big sleeve cuffs and snuggy waistband hem.... and a kangaroo pocket for stowing useful stuff and warming hands. Taped neck and shoulder hems for comfort, structure and durability. 320g/m2 (11.3 oz per sq yd) weight.  Just the thing for right now. And also for later, when evenings get chilly or that sea wind has a bit of a bite to it....


These also happen to be a perfect match for our Chrysanthemum print "miracle pants" leggings and harem pants for perfect style that's functional, comfortable and well put together.


This one features our minimal Single Chrysanthemum on the front and colour-matched simple logo on the back and are available in all-gender sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Please check your measurements against the handy size chart and pick the fitting you want.

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