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The Lowest of Low Chrysanthemum 2020 LARGE designer PU Leather ecopelle tote bag premium quality sturdy huge

Chrysanthemum 2020 Gigantic PU Leather "Chic Tote"


New style totes awesome luxury bags! I promised some bigger bags to those of you who've asked, and well... now we've certainly got 'em!


Made of durable, water resistant high-grade PU (eco) “leather” that wipes clean and looks stunning forever, with a super-sturdy chunky metal zipper closure at the top and rivet-studded strap features. Suuuuper elegant and très chic. And huge!!! You can fit a whole life's stuff in this bag, for real. It's a foot high without the straps! (And 18.9 inches long across the top!!). Really durable, made with materials that can actually handle carrying the amount of stuff the size can carry -- you can even load it with books (or uh... bricks, if that's your thing), and it'll do just fine!


Features a gigantic inner compartment with separate smaller compartment to keep your stuff well-organised. Comfortable, sturdy and strong (PU leather) stitched straps. Extremely well made, beautiful proper stitiching -- no way these handles are coming off this bag! Great for shopping, everyday handbag kind of stuff, the gym, school, as an overnight bag… it's useful, versatile and beautiful.  The print doesn't wear off, either (by the way). It will look stunning and vibrant forever.  


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