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Welcome to the FutureRetro Electro Stuff Shop. The indie musician, artist and designer responsible for The Lowest of Low music albums , art, videos, animations etc., also designs all the street style fashion clothing, bags, t-shirts, dresses, fitness and gym clothes, swimsuits, accessories and home stuff you see here in the hopes that these will bring a little colour and joy to brighten people's  lives with useful, top-quality, unique things at (hopefully!) affordable prices.  The quality is better than the prices suggest because making a living as an independent artist/musician/designer and making a killing are not the same thing: that's the personal belief behind it. My margins are absurdly low, and in some cases zero.  This is to keep all this stuff on a par, price-wise, with huge billion-dollar corporate entities who can afford to flog stuff in bulk, pay their workers a pittance and control the marketplace with nefarious under-handed manipulations.  Selling myself short (literally) gives me a chance, if not a great income, to win you over and give you the opportunity to show responsible support of independent small business, and to benefit from excellent quality stuff at the same time. The eventual idea is that it catches on and I get to eat, you get to wear cool stuff that looks cooler and lasts a lot longer than the cheap crap you've probably grown accustomed to expect, and that's better for everyone in the end.  Also, in case you want to know, this stems from a deep commitment to and belief in equality and freedom (especially from repression and hate) for all people of every colour, social class, nationality, gender and sexuality.   I am just one woman with my own little vision, trying to do something that sparks joy, and I appreciate your support.