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UGLY premium waterproof anti-scratch chest bag 5 zipped compartments awesome cool logo designer Italian bag The Lowest of Low

UGLY Logo Chest Bags! (Bubblegum/Black, Bubblegum/Pink)


A truly fantastic bag!  Anti-scratch and waterproof, premium quality nylon is just the beginning of what makes these UGLY chest bags so perfect. 


Not only do they look cool as hell, they also have FIVE separated zipped compartments and THREE hidden pockets inside to keep your stuff close to your chest and safe! Perfect for commuting or going to school.


But wait! There’s more!  The back panel is nicely padded for comfort and the strap itself is fully adjustable, making this one of the most comfortable bags on the planet, even for things like all-day city explorations, or hikes even further afield.  A great size, too, for keeping all your essentials to hand and organised.  Gorgeously well-made, and distinctively styled, we can’t get over them! Seriously, I adore these.


Available in 11 different colour combinations!  


Check out the other colours (and the rest of the UGLY Capsule Collection, including t-shirts, long shorts and hoodies), here!


Just to recap:

  • Made of premium waterproof nylon, durable, anti-scratch and UGLY!
  • Comfortable padded back panel and one adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 5 separated zipped compartments and 3 super-secret hidden pockets.
  • Dimensions: 12.99"(33cm) L x 7.48"(19cm) H x 3.35"(8.5cm)



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