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Axolotl Friend V-neck Art T-shirts (Gildan)

Axolotl Friend V-Neck Ladies' Art T-Shirt (Gildan)


We love this guy!  The axolotl is actually seriously endangered in its native habitat, and work in Mexico is going on right now to try to clean up the lakes and waterways where they live. It is estimated that there are as few as 100 left in the wild, because pollution and the introduction of hostile non-native species of fish to their native waters have wreaked havoc with the wild population.  Conservationists have done a lot of work to rescue them in reserves, and to breed them as exotic pets to keep them alive.  


Axolotls were some of the first people to come up out of the primordial ooze and step foot on land.  They have amazing regenerative properties and have also been bred for many years as part of traditional folk medicine in Mexico.  These special properties have made them of great interest to modern scientific researchers, as they not only are capable of regenerating 100% of their bodies (including organs, bones, etc.), but they are also capable of receiving transplanted organs and tissues without rejection.


Folklore relating to these amazing little smiley creatures goes back through the Aztec civilisation, and probably even before.  They are associated with the god Xolotl, who escorts the Sun through the darkness of the underworld every night, so that it can be reborn and give new life to the world every morning.


We hope this kind and colourful little guy will bring you and those around you good cheer, happy times, and the resilience to withstand the challenges that face you throughout the day.



  • Super-soft. Slim fit design. Longer length (no yanking it down all the time yay!).
  • V-neck 100% cotton, very soft and comfy... and soft!
  • Gildan T-shirt, with taped neck and shoulders for comfort and style.
  • Standard American Sizes, from XS -- XXXL.


Check the measurements chart in the photos at the top and measure... for some reason, the measurements for XS are not there... but they're smaller than small! Our extrapolated estimation is that they're roughly 22.8 x 16.8. No matter the size, please do measure carefully and honestly against your own most comfortable similar shirt at home to avoid disappointment. Size is just a ... well, in this case, a letter.  (Sizes are listed in inches.)


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