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THE LOWEST OF LOW "Bobbies" Saddle Style Running Shoes (lady-size sneakers) in all varieties

"Bobbies" Saddle Style Running Shoes (lady-size sneakers)


Hey, Daddy-o!  Do you love the classic 1950's saddle shoe look, but not the ratty, heavy discomfort and slippery undersides of actual 1950's classic saddle shoes?  Then these running shoes might just be the thing for you.


Ultra-lightweight, modern, comfortable and supportive design for sports, work and leisure, and so surprisingly stylish they'll make you say "gee whiz!".  We've done an ultra-traditional plain black and white "classic" version as well as some really tasteful updates with Japanese star pattern trim designs around the saddle in a variety of stellar colours to lend flair to your outfits.


Be the envy of all your friends with these comfy running shoes, because, golly, they're swell.  They're well made and clean up easily, so you can keep them looking super for a long time.


Have a look at the handy-dandy size charts and measuring instructions to ensure the best fit before ordering.


More details:


• 23.07 Oz. sturdy and lightweight.

• Made from durable polyester fiber, with flywire upper, "3-D shaped", which I'm told ensures a genuinely good fit for actual 3D feet...

• EVA sole, shake-proof, anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, non-slip, easy cleaning.

• Ergonomically streamlined foot curve, soft and comfortable to wear.

• Ideal for running, fitness & general everyday casual wear.

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