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Chrysanthemum Large PU Leather Flip Phone case The Lowest of Low

Chrysanthemum 2020 Large PU Leather Flip Phone Wallet Purse (2 colours!)


Insanely useful.  Not every human activity is conducive to carrying a large bag of stuff along with you.  This little flip-purse wallet thingie will help you carry the essentials when you want to, say, go on a run, or on a quick outing to the corner shop.  It has a secure grip to hold your phone in place (large phones work just fine - check the dimensions below and measure your phone to be sure), three slots for cards, plus a compartment behind the cards for paper money, receipts, shopping lists or your ID and other stuff, plus a handy snap closure to make sure it all stays in securely.  The detachable wrist strap handle make it easy to treat as a mini bag, or remove it to use it as a clutch/wallet inside another bag (we've got some lovely matching bags right here!)


Also (really useful) You can easily adjust the clasp holder to slide your phone up to take photos without removing it from the wallet -- no more nervous taking the phone in and out to take a photo: all the benefits of a proper protective purse for your phone with none of the anxiety or inconveniece!  Truly practical.


Extremely well made with beautiful stitching, it will definitely last longer than your phone's lifetime does. Seriously.


  • Made from PU tabby leather (fake leather with a nice texture), with detachable "wristlet" strap handle.
  • One phone case with 3 card slots, and one multipurpose larger capacity slot behind.
  • Compatible with Phone size: 151mm to 165mm Long and 60mm to 80mm Wide.
  • Snap closure is secure, but still easy to open and close (NOT one of those you fight with and then wind up leaving open all the time because it's a pain).


This one comes with a black interior or a buff interior with matching colour stitiching around the outer edge on the outside.  Please be sure to choose the one you want!


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