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The Lowest of Low Chrysanthemum face mask fully washable reusable 3 sizes 2 designs 2 colours

Chrysanthemum Face Mask, 3 Sizes (in 2 colours, and 2 designs)


As I was walking along the other day, out here in the wilds of the Sicilian mountains, I was struck by just how many disposable face masks there were, chucked out, abandoned and forgotten by the side of the road.  I'm surprised by how many already-used single-use face masks can be found on the floors of people's cars, stuffed behind the visor flaps or in the plastic pockets in car doors, and the netting on the backs of the front seats.  And I came to the conclusion that disposable face masks, although they're cheap and easy, have created a monstrous mountain of new garbage on this planet.  Which is not something any of us needs.  And as all this pandemic stuff goes on, it's a side effect of the "new normal" that's thankfully, with a little effort, avoidable.


Take social and environmental responsibility seriously and together, and maybe do it with elegance while you're at it (perhaps it'll encourage others to star doing the same).


These face masks are comfortable to wear for extended periods, have elastic ear loops, and come in three sizes (for babies, children and adults).  They're well made, fully washable and have a space within the inner lining to insert additional filter sheets (not included -- I hear that HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners, cut to size, are pretty useful).


2 colours (Blue or Rose Gold) and 2 designs ("Minimalist" or "Pattern") to choose from.


So please do keep yourself and others safe from contagion and show consideration (if not for others, then for the rules of society in this moment just now and the ultimate welfare of the planet) --  and show a little bit of style while you do it, too.


Technical details:

  • 6oz. 100% polyester surface and 100% cotton lining.
  • High elastic ear loops for comfort.
  •  Large enough to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Three sizes, for babies, kids and adults (see chart for measurements and guidance)


Small is recommended for children aged 0-6. Medium for 6-12, and Large for 12+ and adults. Measurements are in inches.

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