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The Lowest of Low Daisies Hawaiian Leisure Skate Surf Beach Short Sleeve Roomy Shirt Peacock

Daisies “Hawaiian” Leisure Shirts (5 Colours)


Lightweight, short sleeved and roomy, made of 4-way stretch woven material (95% polyester, 5% spandex) with a notched lapel collar. Not only are these cool (to wear and to look at), they’re also pretty practical for sporty stuff (and no, I don’t mean just bowling) and festivals. Wear them open with a tank underneath or just as-is.  Pairs well with skate wear, surf stuff, or golf bags and barbecue tongs. You know…. versatile. One might even say they’re the grand ultimate in an active relaxed-style leisure shirt. They're literally and figuratively that cool.


Inspired by traditional Kimono fabrics (hand-painted original design),  these are available in 5 colours. Sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. Please check the sizing chart for the happiest fit.


Also... please realise, these are not just for dudes. I just like the idea of having the banner in the shop page for these say "Relax, dude." with "dude" being an absolutely all-inclusive phrase. Like all the clothing and styles here, we think that if you like it, you should not just wear it, but totally rock it. Always.

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