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Daisies LARGE Reusable Canvas Tote Bag floral design by The Lowest of Low

Daisies LARGE Reusable Canvas Tote / Shopping / Carry / Beach / Whatever Bags


You asked for them, and now we're very pleased to be able to offer 'em!


Reusable LARGE Canvas Tote Bags


Use 'em for carrying your shopping, your beach stuff, your gym clothes, your "washables" while travelling, kid stuff, car stuff, camping stuff.... stuff it full of stuff!  Versatile, large-capacity and sturdy, these high-grade canvas bags will have you covered for just about anything (at home, too -- fiddly bits, art supplies, sewing stuff, things in drawers...) because, well, they're big sturdy reusable bags that can also go in the wash.  Distinctive and vibrant designs, plus they fold up easily to carry with you anywhere, or to stow away when you don't need them.

  • 510 g/m2. Made from high-grade canvas.
  • Durable and roomy, great for everyday use.
  • Lightweight canvas tote bag with sturdy handle -- easy to carry.
  • Perfect for shopping and carrying your essentials.
  • Bag size is 17.9 inches x 15.2 inches, 24.5 inches tall with handle (9 inch "drop" from the top of the handles to the top of the bag)


Support an independent artist rather than a supermarket chain and buy a bag or two! Stick it to the man AND save the planet. Yes!


There come in 5 different colours, "Daisies" design, inspired by traditional Kimono fabrics (print is the same on both sides).



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