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FutureRetro Electro Test Pattern Awesome Bags

FutureRetro Electro Test Pattern Carry On / Travel / Weekender / Gym Bag


Stylish and organized, the Lowest of Low FutureRetro Electro Television Test Pattern emblazoned bag will take you anywhere you need to go. Well, you'll be carrying it, but... you get the idea.


The point is, with its sturdy grabbing handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, this "weekender" travel bag is perfect for just about any trip. Short trips to the gym or the pool, or year-long adventures where you're (very, very sensibly) travelling ultra-light. Bus trips, car trips, train trips, boat trips, air trips... whatever. It's comfortable and convenient and can be used as a carry-on for flights (check with the air carrier though, since some, it seems, won't be happy until carry-on size is something akin to a match-box.  At the present time, however, this bag is safely within the limits of every airline we've checked, even when it's really stuffed full.)


It's got an incredibly useful roomy compartment at the bottom for your shoes (or things like make-up or toiletries or... unwashed, damp or dirty stuff that you'd ideally like to keep separate from the other clean, dry stuff you're packing) with an inside lining that turns out for easy cleaning. The photo shows stripes inside, but the colours inside the bag you receive may be different from the example photo.  So you know, buy it for the cool FutureRetro Test Pattern design on the front and back, not for the stripey lining inside to avoid utter despair and disappointment.


There are 3 inner pockets in the large "upper" main compartment, to keep your stuff well-organised, including a large zipped one, and another zippered compartment on the back (a great place to put important stuff like train tickets, boarding passes, passports, gym or pool membership cards etc., that you might need to access easily without opening the world to views of your entire collection of travel or sporting attire.)



  • 19.93 Oz. Made from 1200D nylon fabric, durable and water-resistant.
  • One roomy compartment with one shoe pouch, one back zipper compartment and three inner pockets.
  • Sturdy portable handle and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 44 cm tall (with handles, longer if you extend the shoulder strap), 31 cm tall (bag itself), 31.5 cm long, and 18.5 cm deep across the bottom (tapering slightly towards the top) -- have a look at the helpful graphic for an idea of measurements (also in inches).


Comfortably and easily carries a lot of important stuff with style.  Well-made and robust, elegant everyday bag. Plus, it's so cool!!!


"Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China."


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