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Kamon Acqua Logo Boston Handbags

Kamon Acqua Logo "Boston" Handbags


When was the last time you saw a truly stunning handbag? Like, in person, owned by a person?  Not stunning because you're supposed to think so because of the brand, but actually stunning? Was it shelf-stunning? As in hugely expensive, "I'd buy that if I could afford it" kind of stunning?


Well, we think these are stunning and affordable, even in these times. They can also carry a surprising amount of stuff.


These bags are well-made, well-stitched, beautifully printed, with strong zippers and full lining, with a zipped inner pocket.  The outside has two snapped pockets on each side that actually work.  If we were charlatans, we'd charge double or triple the price and probably make a killing that way, and no one would be any the wiser.  But we believe that beautiful, well-made things belong in the hands and the hearts of the people.


These are beautiful and useful.  Please enjoy them. Brighten your little corner of the world with them.



  • 17.86 Oz. Definitely not like tissue-paper, but not like a brick, either.
  • Made from canvas material and high-grade PU leather (non-animal).
  • Fully lined interior features zippered back wall compartment.
  • Large capacity to hold all the crap you need to carry, and then some.
  • Two sturdy PU leather handles. 
  • Two snap-closure outer side pockets.
  • Measures approximately 13.4"(L) x 6.3"(W) x 9.0"(H) -- that's inches.
  • Single zippered top closure.


"Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China."


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