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The Lowest of Low Classic shoulder hand bag Kinmokusei removable strap PU leather ecopelle art deco designer style well-made

Kinmokusei Classic Style “Deco” Shoulder Handbag


Another fantastic classic! I am incredibly pleased to be able to offer such a lovely bag!  The crafting!! The style!!! The FEET!!!! (ahem. OK, I love these and it’s not even in the slightest bit low-key. I get like this about the wallet bags, too.)


But seriously! What’s not to love?  Ethical leather (that’s to say, fake, PU leather, or as we say here in Italy, ecopelle) rugged bag with a fully adjustable PU leather shoulder strap. OR… you can remove the shoulder strap and use the two sturdy handles and carry it, queen-like, like a satchel bag.  


What’s more, the bag is beautiful inside and out. It has sweet little feet to keep it looking great and prevent it from flopping over (or the bottom getting dirty) when you put it down on the ground AND it’s also fully lined inside with a zippered compartment in the back “wall”.  Closes with one sturdy top zipper. No buttons or flaps to deal with — just a great, capacious and elegant classic style useful bag. It’s a great everyday size, too: with the handles up (not the strap, the hand handles) it stands 15.16 inches tall. The bag itself is 9.84 inches tall, 11.22 inches long, and 4.72 inches wide (measured at the bottom). 


It wipes clean with ease (gotta love the ecopelle), and won’t crack or fade over time.  The stitching, metal parts and just general overall robustness of these bags is amazing, something at which to marvel in this day and age (Actually, I’m pleased to say that about all the bags in the shop. The crafting always wows me, every time, even though I already know!).  A real classic that will serve you well for years to come.


I call these "Deco" bags, by the way, because they have an art deco kind of feel to them with the floral pattern sides. Then, because it amuses me that this is kind of like "Deku" (as in Izuku Midoriya), I also refer to them as Plus Ultra bags (don't mind me... I amuse myself in strange ways when I write these things up)


If you want to make a stunning gift presentation to knock someone's socks off, these pair perfectly with our matching phone wallet purses, which you can also find in the Bags! section here. (And while their socks are off, might I add that there are matching socks? HAHAHA! No, really. There are.)


Anyway! In brief:


  • 24.27 Oz. ultra-stylish bag. A nice weight and quality. You could hurt someone if you swung it with a couple bricks inside (so, you know, maybe don’t do that…ahem!)
  • Made from high-grade PU leather.
  • Lined interior, large capacity, with a built-in zippered compartment on the back inner wall.
  • Sturdy, well-stitched double handles AND an adjustable PU leather shoulder strap (with robust clip endings to take it on and off).
  • Simple single zippered top closure. 
  • Bag-itself Dimensions: 11.22"(L) x 4.72"(W) x 9.84"(H) - measured in inches. (28.5 L x 12 W x 25 H in centimetres).



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