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The Lowest of Low Lizard Overlord Face Mask fully washable reuseable cool design 3 sizes Cyber Blue

Lizard Overlord Face Mask, 3 Sizes (5 colours)


You’ve asked for ‘em, and now we’ve got ‘em.  More masks!  There is no better way to keep yourself and those around you safer, while complying with constantly changing levels of restriction and rules, than to whole-heartedly embrace it and choose to do it with a little bit of unique style. Maybe a little attitude and humour, too.  As people go about their daily drear, believe it or not, a cheerful or just really cool mask can put a smile on their faces, and to remind them that although a lot of the natural human activities and ways of interacting that we actually need to maintain basic levels of mental health have been banned or curtailed at the moment, there’s still connection and expression there, reaching out to them (6 feet away, sure, but still….) Brighten that corner, wherever you are. It may just help someone through something.


These face masks are comfortable to wear for extended periods, have elastic ear loops, and come in three sizes (for babies, children and adults).  They're well made, fully washable and have a space within the inner lining to insert additional filter sheets (not included -- I hear that HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners, cut to size, are pretty useful). 


Keep yourself and others safe from contagion and show consideration (if not for others, then for the rules of society in this moment just now) --  and show a little bit of style while you do it, too.


These feature my Lizard Overlord avatar design. Basically, I kind of knew an awful, overbearing and incredibly dumb guy who told people that they should stay away from me because I was "probably a Lizard Overlord". It was the first I'd ever heard of this kooky thing, and it amused me a lot. Sometimes, when someone is trying to lie about me, rather than let them get a rise out of me (which I guess is what they want?), I just embrace the absurdity.  It started out as the first song on Sirius album, and went from there to also become one of my avatars and designs.

Now that I've learned more about people who believe in that stuff, I'm not sure if he was being racist or just incredibly dumb, but I guess it amounts to about the same thing.  Anyway! These are available in 5 different Cyber colours to choose from (Cyber Blue, Cyber Red, Cyber Violet, Cyber Kale and Cyber Mauve)


I have to say though (just an aside), it kind of creeps me out that the lizard's eye is far more lively, human, warm and kindly than the eyes of the model who's wearing it..... then again, he's doing that "serious model face" thing, isn't he?


Technical details:

  • 6oz. 100% polyester surface and 100% cotton lining.
  • High elastic ear loops for comfort.
  •  Large enough to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Three sizes, for babies, kids and adults (see chart for measurements and guidance)


Small is recommended for children aged 0-6. Medium for 6-12, and Large for 12+ and adults. Measurements are in inches.

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