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Maple Autumn waterproof shoulder tote bag (maple leaf pattern), front, back

Maple Autumn Shoulder Tote Bag


Our close-up “Maple Autumn” design is inspired by the stunning and vibrant greens, golds and reds of Japanese maple leaves during the “Autumn Color” season.  Earthy and natural, you can almost smell the cool fresh in the air!  Take this refreshing feeling with you wherever you go with a well-organised and nicely thought out durable “tote” style shoulder bag. It’s fully lined, with a zipped inner pocket on one side and more inner pockets on the other side for the fiddly things you might want to keep handy. It’s also got a key hook to keep you from having to find your keys at the bottom with all that melted gum and stuff….  Organised and capacious, it’s perfect for brightening up your winter wardrobe a little, and is sure to become a favourite at any time of year, whether you use it for your everyday stuff, gym stuff, or study stuff.  Whatever you use it for, please enjoy it!  Brighten up your little corner of the universe!


  • 20.04 Oz. Made from high-grade waterproof fabric, very durable.
  • Dimensions: 21.26 inches high (from bottom to tops of straps) body: 12.2 inches tall x 17.52 inches long x 4.84 inches deep (from one “face” to the other, if that makes sense).
  • Fully lined, with inner compartments to organise your stuff.
  • Specially designed key hook, to find your keys easily without rummaging about in the bottom of the bag.
  • Comfortable and sturdy faux leather straps.


"Inspired in Japan, Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China."


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