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The Lowest of Low Medieval Roses Taiji Tai Chi Harem Yoga chiffon relaxed beach pants

Medieval Roses Chiffon Harem Pants


These super soft, lightweight chiffon drawstring harem pants are so comfy you'll feel like you're wearing pyjamas. Baggy yet elegant style with drawstring waists and ankle cuffs, they're perfect for yoga, taiji chuan, running and being generally active and athletic, covering up at the beach, or going on adventures in which you look absolutely stunning and well-presented, yet feel like secretly, secretly like you're actually wearing pyjamas. (Shhh!)


These feature our latest Medieval Roses design, inspired by Medieval textile designs, my love of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, and our famously distinctive FutureRetro Electro colour schemes.


They also happen to coordinate perfectly with our new coordinated cute summer dresses for a breezy salwar kameez style look. (We have matching swimsuits, too,incidentally,  if you want to use them as a really smart-looking cover-up at the beach).  Simplicity and elegance (and feels like you're wearing pyjamas!!)


And like all our all-over print clothing, they're made using heat sublimation printing, which fuses the colours right into the fabric itself! That means that wash after wash, wear after wear, they always look great and never, ever fade.


  • 10.58 Oz. Chiffon: 100% polyester.


  •  Super soft fabric that feels nice (to wear and to touch!).


  •  Ideal for adventures in which comfort is desired, but wearing actual pyjamas would be deemed socially unacceptable (oops...).


  •  Machine wash, tumble dry low.


Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.


Please measure carefully and check the sizing charts to ensure you get the perfect comfy fit!


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