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Mind's Eye T-shirt for Babies!!!


Sure, we'll keep an eye on your kid....


They say that as their eyesight develops, the first thing infants and babies are attracted to are eyes.  So let's help 'em out!  After all, why shouldn't your kid look super FutureRetro cool with a most distinctive piece of art clothing?  While all the other kids in the playgroup are busy wearing naff, cutsie crap, your kid will actually look like the stylish, independent and edgy individual into which you hope to raise him or her (or them).  Stodgy folks may scoff, but your kid is adorable enough to totally pull this off, desne


Mind's Eye design on the front, Triangle Skull "Rose" logo on the back.  Awesome style for awesome little kids.


  • 190g/m2 (6.7 oz per sq yd). Made of preshrunk ring -spun cotton. 
  • Personalized classic-cut shirt for babies and toddlers, comfortable and stylish.
  • Double-bevelled collar edges(1X1 ribbing).
  • A collar neckband makes for a cosy and comfortable fit.
  • Double-thread seams on cuffs and hems -- it's a durable little thing.
  • Sizes: 6months, 12months, 18months, 24months, 3T, 4T, 5T (have a look at the size chart and measure. And don't forget, they grow so fast!! Get bigger than you think you need -- after all, it may take 3 weeks to get there!)


 Sizes are listed in inches.



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