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Sakura Breeze Boat Neck Dresses

Sakura Breeze Boat Neck Dresses


Inspired by traditional kimono patterns, our Sakura Breeze dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, etc., seek to create our own FutureRetro take on the well-known traditional sakura prints of old, but in a new way, which we think is both elegant and edgy.  Traditions live in us and through us when we breathe new life and meaning into them, desne?


These dresses are made to a simple-but-flattering, loose-fitting pattern, with enough stretch to them to make them comfortable no matter what you’re doing (huge dinner gathering? No problem! Eat as many of those ebi tempura as you like…. reorganisation of filing cabinets at work? No worries!  You can bend and reach without restriction).  They’re lightweight and breathy, ideal for everyday casual or business wear, but also stunning enough to wear for a night out.  


Dress ‘em up with an elegant jacket and heels, or dress ‘em down with tights, leggings or over-knee socks and boots, maybe a chunky cardigan — they work either way.  


*12.64 Oz. Fashionable and flattering.

*Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, soft, high quality lightweight fabric, “skin-friendly”.

*Flattering wide round neckline, loose fitting comfy dress lines.

*Hand wash in cold water.

*Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

*The design is imprinted using an advanced heat sublimation technique — this means that although the process takes a little longer than normal fabric printing, the results are stunningly vibrant, never bleed and never fade: the colors become part of the fabric itself!


Please reference the two size charts in the photos above (measured in inches).  One shows the reference for standard US size measurements, and the other shows the actual measurements for this particular garment.  Measure yourself carefully and honestly, and choose the most sensible fit for the style to be sure it looks fantastic on you when it comes. (I know well enough, it’s very satisfying to cinch in your waist measurement as tightly as the measuring tape can manage… but do you really want your dress to do that to you too? Best to be comfy and not feel like a sausage, I always say….)


“Inspired in Japan, Designed in Italy, Made in China”

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