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Sakura Breeze Cherry Blossom design waterproof backpacks

Sakura Breeze Waterproof Fabric Backpacks


Inspired by traditional kimono patterns, our Sakura Breeze dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, etc., seek to create our own FutureRetro take on the well-known traditional sakura (cherry blossom) prints of old, but in a new way, which we think is both elegant and edgy.  Traditions live in us and through us when we breathe new life and meaning into them, desne?


Even in the worst of weather, when the real sakura blooms are  drippy wet (or gone, or yet-to-come), this cherry bloomy waterproof backpack will keep your stuff safe and dry and cheerful!


Great for everyday use, going to the gym, cycling, or for travelling farther afield.  A hard-wearing, heavy-weight-carrying sweet way to beautify your days!



  • 15.5 Oz.Made from smooth, soft nylon material.
  • Lightweight and waterproof. A simple, straightforward and fashionable backpack for outdoor travel and everyday use.
  • Unobtrusive black stitch lines on the surfaces.
  • Sturdy! Perfect for holding a laptop and lots of books, or for using as a travel bag.
  • Padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort, even if you’re carrying half a library or all your essential travel stuff around with you.



17.72 inches tall (23.62 in. with loopy handle) x

11.81 inches wide (across the face) x

5.51 inches deep (from back to front)


"Inspired in Japan, Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China."


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