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The Lowest of Low Super Serious Fashion Sunglasses

Super Serious Sunglasses For Very Serious People


I know what you may be thinking. "These would be great for costume parties, stag parties, hen parties, cosplay, even Pride! They're so fun and light-hearted! I could wear them to festvals, raves or for a night out clubbing with my friends -- they're perfect for this summer's shennanigans. It's great for giggles!"


Now hold it right there, you fun-loving whippersnappers!


These are very serious glasses for people who want to:


  • Make flawless eye contact during first dates, job interviews, court appearances, press conferences and other very important events.


  • Seem like they are alert, awake, and listening intently in very serious and important classes, meetings, seminars or congressional or parliamentary sittings.


  • Make a responsible and sober impression on your first meeting of important people (primary caregivers, parents, grandparents, extended family) in the life of your significant other.


They are super, totally 100% serious, suitable for boardrooms, courtrooms, ballrooms and lots of other different rooms that are so high-falootin' we don't even know them.  They're totally not for playing pranks and making people feel happy and cheerful. They're totally not an ironic way to hide your hangovers and bloodshot eyes. They totally wouldn't make any joke you're thinking of perpetrating that much funnier. Oh, no.


Ok, ok... maybe they are, maybe they would.


In case you want to know:


  • 4.23 Oz. Suitable for all very serious occassions.
  • Perforated AC/PC lenses that have a minimal impact on visibility.
  • PC glasses frame with serious, durable finish.
  • Advanced printing technology for vivid, serious images.
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