The Lowest of Low Awesome Anemone Spaghetti Strap Strappy Top

The Awesome Anemone Spaghetti Strap Top


So, I found this badass anemone flower as we started strimming what we call the lawn... took its photo, it wasn't enough.  Because seriously, this flower: here in south-eastern Sicily, we had snow (which is very rare even here in the mountains) followed by the most serious winds I've ever experienced. I've been in hurricanes, typhoons, monsoon storms, sandstorms... none of them held a candle to this wind. Trees were down everywhere, we were without power for 24 hours, without phone and internet services for days. There were street lamp poles bent in half.... and then... and then! This anemone was just there, from out of nowhere. Talk about fortitude in adversity.  How can you not honour that in some way? So now it graces shirts, zoot trousers... who knows what else by the time I get finished being in awe of it...

So you know, if anybody asks you why you have anemones on your cool, cute spaghetti strappy top... you just tell 'em. You tell 'em.  It isn't for nothing that the Greek name for these badboys translates to "wind flowers". May it give you the fortitude to weather every storm, too. 


Our triangle skull logo is on the back, in gold, for good luck!


About the top itself:


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