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The Brown One.


The Brown One.


Poor old brown. All the colourful shirts around, no brown.  All the subdued shirts around, well, maybe there are a few brown, but they're always called things like "caramel" or "toasted almond" or "Morocco" and stuff like that. And it's frickin' obvious, isn't it?  No one wants a poor old poop brown shirt unless it's named after something delicious or exotic.  It doesn't matter how much the design or the fit appeals to you. You'll only buy it if it's named something nice, because nobody wants to admit they have anything to do with poop.  Well, let's just call a deuce a deuce, shall we? Is that childish? We don't care!


Instead of looking for things that divide us, separate us and make us more psychologically vulnerable to manipulation and control, let us unite in the things that we all share. Poop is one of them. It unites us. It unites us with all organic life, in one way or another.  Trees poop out oxygen, they poop off their leaves and needles to make room for new ones.  Yeast poops carbon dioxide, which gives us tasty bread and beer. Animals poop poop, and thereby the land is improved in fertility and structure. Don't even get me started about how amazing worm "castings" are (that's worm poop, by the way).


Enjoy our cosy, comfortable 100% cotton Poop Brown shirt.  Participate in a miracle that unites us all, and be stylish in the process.  Japanese paint rings with triangle skull logo on the back, and "Purveyors" badge on the front, which looks vibrant and beautiful on a poop brown background.


  • 150 g/m2 (4.5 oz per sq yd). 100% Cotton Preshrunk Ring Spun Jersey Knit.
  •  Seamless double stitched 2cm neckband - not a floppy thing, it holds it's shape well, even after constant wear and washing.


  • Taped neck and shoulders for comfort and to keep it looking smart.


  •  Double-stitched sleeves and bottom hems for strength and durability. You can do anything in this shirt (well, don't wrestle alligators in it, maybe, but then that would tear just about any cotton t-shirt).


  • Quarter-turned for a supremely neat finish.  Seriously, these are well made. 


  • Distinctive Poop Brown color.


Available Sizes: S,M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.



These are standard US sizes, but please be sure to order the right size, to avoid disappointment (check out the size chart in the photos at the top.  Sizes are listed in inches.)



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