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The Classic Super-Cute Sleeveless Dress : Kinmokusei by The Lowest of Low

The Classic Super-Cute Sleeveless Dress : Kinmokusei


What can I say? A modern classic, these sleeveless midi-length dresses are made from stunningly gorgeous premium polyester in a beautiful satin finish, but they are also super-cute!


There’s an invisible (as in, hidden) zipper at the back to make them easy to pull on and off, but with the truly unique floral patterns in this season’s collection, they might well prove to be the most perfect day-to-night dress ever.  Elegant in every setting, whether it’s business meetings, social clubs, dinner, theatre, or out on the town (well… 2020…. who knows about any of that, but the premise is still totally valid).


These run neatly true to size (check the chart for your perfect fit) with a gathered waist and little belty section that flatters every type of figure, from “curvaceous” to “pixie” and everything in between.  The simplicity of the lines makes them a perfect pairing with coats, jackets, haori, boleros and cardigans, dressed up or down — and they’re also just pretty perfect all by themselves!


  • Pull-on midi dress, invisible zipper in the back, easy to get in and out of.
  • Material: 100% polyester, rich satin finish.
  • Regular fit, true to size, great quality, great feeling to wear, and comfortable.
  • Gathered waist
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (check the chart to ensure your most elegant fit!).



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