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Year 2418 Test Pattern Reusable Cloth Bags for Shopping, Beach, Picnic, etc.

Year 2418 Test Pattern Reusable Bags (Shopping, Beach, Whatever!)


Express your aesthetic with elegance while helping the planet to cope with the choking plastic death we have unleashed upon it until now.  Become a small part of the solution to the human problem that plagues the globe and feel good about your efforts while maintaining a cool style that will maybe, just maybe, encourage others to do the same, if only to look as good as you do when you’re out and about with these bags.


These aren't those plastic things the supermarkets sell with handles that break off the third time you use them. These are proper, robust reusable cloth bags, made to last.


Reusable bags may not be the Great Solution to all the world's problems, but they're a little something we all can do, and with designs we like, something we can also enjoy doing.


All these bags are printed on both sides, and feature our Year 2418 Test Pattern design in a veritable rainbow of cheerful colours.


Here's the lowdown:


  • "500D" Waterproof oxford 100% polyester cloth.
  • Lightweight but Sturdy: Comfortable and robust, they're easy to stow and produce when needed, and have straps that won't cut your fingers off.
  • Compact but Roomy: Ample space for your groceries and shopping. The bag part itself is 15.8 inches tall x 16 inches wide (31.75 inches tall with handles) [40cm x 40.7cm bag, 80.7 cm tall with handles]
  • WASHABLE: Easy to wash and clean. AND!! The design never fades. Ever.  These will last forever, seriously.
  • Easy to Pack: Straightforward and convenient to pack, even when you feel pressured by people behind you in line to get out and away with your stuff.
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