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The Lowest of Low Yoni Designer Clutch Purse Wallet Bags Elegant and Awesome! Burgundy

Yoni Clutch Purse Wallet Bags (2 colours)


I am in love with these clutch purse wallet bags.  I got mine just about two years ago (In the Skull Triangle "Roses" pattern) when I made my first order with the workshop, to see what kind of quality I could expect from them, and this little bag really blew me away.  It's sturdy and roomy, and the zipper! Ye gods! A proper strong metal zipper in this day and age! It's got 8 card slots (4 on each side) plus a central zipped pouch for coins and stuff, plus dividers for keeping your essentials organised.  When I go out, I use it for money, cards, my ID card, shopping lists AND my big clunky phone. The wrist strap is sturdy and well attached, and I never have to worry about it snapping. It's actually still the bag I use every day when I'm on the go.


It's a perfect thing with gorgeously strong stitching, amazing quality.  It's so good, I don't even worry about telling you all this, because even singing its praises so shamelessly, I know they'll live up to these words. Large enough to carry everything you need (except your keys), small enough not to be a burden. Perfect for when you want a little something more than, say, the snap purse phone wallet, but something less than a bag-sized carry bag.


Yoni wallet bags are available in two elegant colours, perfect for day or night.

These bags are also available in a few other colours and designs (including the very popular Sakura Breeze design) because, well... I like them a lot, and I love designing for things that I know people are going to love and find really useful. And now I've finally managed to do all the photos and put them here in the shop! Yay! Please join me in my wallet bag revolution. It will change your life!


Here's some more (actually) useful technical information:


  • Total 8 card slots, 1 zipper pocket, 1 phone pocket and 2 full length pockets for cash, and other stuff.
  • Single zippered top closure, easy to open and close.
  • Size (in inches): 4.13"(H) x 1.02"(W) x 8.31"(L)
  • Insanely useful, awesome and pretty.
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