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The Lowest of Low Yoni Large Size Snap Purse Phone Wallet with detachable strap, card slots, snap closure Stone/Black

Yoni Large PU Leather Phone Wallet (2 Colours)


Insanely useful.  Not every human activity is conducive to carrying a large bag of stuff along with you.  This little flip-purse wallet thingie will help you carry the essentials when you want to, say, go on a run, or on a quick outing to the corner shop.  It has a secure grip to hold your phone in place (large phones work just fine - check the dimensions below and measure your phone to be sure), three slots for cards, plus a compartment behind the cards for paper money, receipts, shopping lists or your ID and other stuff, plus a handy snap closure to make sure it all stays in securely.  The detachable wrist strap handle make it easy to treat as a mini bag, or remove it to use it as a clutch/wallet.


Extremely well made with beautiful stitching, it will definitely last longer than your phone's lifetime does. Seriously.


Comes in Stone with Black interior or Burgundy with Buff interior.


  • Made from PU tabby leather (fake leather with a nice texture), with detachable "wristlet" strap handle.
  • One phone case with 3 card slots, and one multipurpose larger capacity slot behind.
  • Compatible with Phone size: 151mm to 165mm Long and 60mm to 80mm Wide.
  • Snap closure is secure, but still easy to open and close (NOT one of those you fight with and leave open because it's a pain).
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