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I've actually taken a lot of time wondering whether or not I should include a digital art gallery here within these pages. After all, much of the digital artwork I wind up making can already be found within and throughout the other pages in this site. After all, even the backgrounds and other things I've made to beautify your visit are technically "digital art".... so I puzzled and pondered about what actually goes here. Sure, sometimes I'll just throw out a digital piece for the sheer pleasure of doing it, or because some dumb news article or some ubiquitous and boring piece of advertising has annoyed me one too many times to continue to ignore it unchallenged in some way, but when that stuff happens (pragmatic beast that I am) I generally try to find some "use" for it.  As a blog post image, as something to chuck up into my Facebook page to  try to stave off Facebook from removing 2 followers every 10 days. Although at this point, they might as well remove all but the 4 people they show the damned posts to anyway.  I don't even see my own posts in my personal newsfeed anymore! I'm not above creating memes, either, but like everything I seem to find incredibly funny, people seem to find them confusing or kind of threatening or something. At any rate, with all this sort-of-irate digression aside, I finally came to the decision about what digital artwork should live here.  Memes I've made for my own enjoyment, artwork that I made on the spur of the moment for the sheer joy of it, and stuff I've done for other people.

I'm growing a bit more of a backbone about it now, but I've been roped into doing artwork for other people on numerous occasions, for free, or for a small pre-arranged fee that never actually arrives because I have a hard time asking for what's due me.  I guess it's a good thing I experience a certain amount of joy in doing these things, but I have realised that unless I collect them together someplace (ahem, that's to say... here), I really have nothing at all to show for the hours of work I put into them.  So this page is dedicated mostly to that mixed bag of designs, and the stories behind them.

The Lowest of Low digital art Asahi Building Sumida Tokyo Japan slug travel disruption giant monster famous architecture Asia

In May, 2019, a slug caused major travel disruption in Japan affecting about 12,000 people.  Here's an article about it. I thought it would be fun to make a picture to commemorate it.  That's actually Tokyo in the background, with the Asahi Building (the "Golden Turd") in Sumida, and the Sumida river in the foreground - not an area actually affected by the slug, but I felt it was an excellent kind of mirror-backdrop for my giant monster slug, somehow.  I posted it online, but even people who saw it were either unaware of the slug incident, or just didn't get it anyway. A few friends in Japan enjoyed it, and I enjoyed spending a morning making it. So now it lives here. Even if the slug that inspired him is now a long-forgotten tiny blackened little buckyball.

There's more... please bear with me. 

(I do too much for one person, if I'm honest, and all  this stuff takes time.)

The Lowest of Low Cancer the Crab Astrology digital art crustacean love design

Digital Art

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