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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I have to say, this came as an enormous and very pleasant surprise to me just the other day (20/06/2020).

I'd opened my Spotify to see about adding All Out of Bubble Gum to the "Artist's Pick" feature in my artist's page there. I went to grab the link, and Lo! What should I find, but that someone or some group of someones in the editorial department within the mysterious and shady courts of Spotify, unseen by the eyes of the world, had kindly created this editorial playlist.

Obviously, I feel pretty honoured just for the fact that it exists.  I've had a listen to it now (while doing the photo mock-ups for the Sakura Breeze coordinates I've put up in the "Stuff Shop" this week), and I'm even more pleased, if that's possible.

They've done a fantastic and intelligent job of it, astute and sympathetic, which really honours me. And at the risk of sounding kind of puffed up and self-important, the choice and juxtaposition of songs really helped me (even me!) to hear the music (some of which I haven't heard in quite a while) and to enjoy it with fresh ears. 

50 of the best and most accessible songs ("eesential tracks") from all 9 albums currently released are represented there as well as this week's new single. (I'd submitted it for playlist consideration, but this still surprised me). It's a terrific mix they've put together, and I'm very grateful to them for it, and for the obvious care that went into it.  I would agonize terribly trying to put something together like it, and it still wouldn't have such a well-rounded quality.

So.... it's only right that I want to share it here, and encourage you, too, dear reader, to please have a listen, add it to your playlists, share it around if you like it, and at very least just.... please enjoy it.

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