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FutureRetro Electro musings about music, living in the 21st Century, the realities of being an indie artist, design, philosophy, and any other topics to which I may be driven to (occasionally) write. In actual fact, this pigeonhole description at the top of the Bloggismo page is kinda for Google's sake, so that it can auto-checkbox things on this page as being suitable and searchable.  So I should be mentioning things like Street Style and Indie Music and reminding you how it's all alternative and stuff here.  Because those are the keywords they've locked into to "help" me help you find this stuff. It's kind of a pain, but it is all in service of the Almighty Algorithm so that you, gentle reader, can find this crap.  If you're here and got here by searching for, say, "independent musician and fashion designer from Sicily speaks out on assholes who use Eastern religious concepts churned into meaninglessly dangerous pabulum with which they can justify making other people miserable while feeling good about themselves, like her de-facto mother-in-law does" or, say, "Italian indie artist who boggles normal minds with genre-defying albums speaks out about things like streaming revenues, predatory 'music biz' services, and also shows you how to make good pizza", then I guess this was worth it... Now that you're here, please enjoy it.  One day, I'll expand it...

Number of intentionally harmful lies told by malignant narcissists in the past 24 hours:

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