New album, "Raving Masses", is all set for proper distribution

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I'm actively working out the details of getting this thing out there for download outside of the website, so as to brighten the lives of countless millions, instead of, like, five people (thank you, five people, for your undying support).

The Lowest of Low "Raving Masses" FutureRetro Electro EDM Dance Album Cover (sheep, goats)

This is just a subtle little reminder (not so subtle, not so little) that we're building up for a truly awesome release. Oh, yessss. Ahem. So... what, you may ask, should you expect from Raving Masses anyway? What are we going for with this thing? We'd be lying if "WTF?" wasn't a significant factor in our drive. But, you know, in a positive way. There's plenty of "WTF?" in this tiny little world that's not very.... well, life-affirming or fun. Will Raving Masses combat all this in one fell swoop? That would be nice, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

“Why don't you write more normal music?”

As I've mentioned elsewhere, MC Hot Carll is presently living in captivity, with little or no contact with the outside world. His day-to-day existence is micro-controlled by the cultish fantasists with whom he (half) chooses to live. This has made life extremely stressful, since I worry pretty much constantly for his well-being and his future. There's already a fair scent of Stockholm Syndrome about him, which may ultimately be his undoing. So, when he still had fairly regular contact before being transferred to Czech Republic, we started collaborating with a series of entertaining songs that cheered us both up and established a kind of continuity of existence for us both. Depression lurks around the man so assiduously, he's not even fully aware of it until it's truly dispelled.

Weirdcrap, and Raving Masses

So, from these small and private beginnings, we wrote an entire album, Weirdcrap, which we won't be able to release until MC Hot Carll has more of a... let's call it a healthy lifestyle.. Some of the stuff on there is his, and he needs to be able to make creative decisions unencumbered by the kind of influences that are currently making him shut down and triple-guess everything that comes under his self-censorship mic