Getting Fit the One-Punch Man Way, One Day at a Time

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

One Punch Man Saitama with crossed arms

It’s getting on towards the new year now (35 days to go at the time of writing), and for many of us, that means New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us might even think we’ll keep them, with a Hope-Springs-Eternal-Every-Day-In-Every-Way-Better-And-Better Positivism.

But let’s be honest. We start out with the very best intentions but… January is a bleak part of the year in much of our small planet’s Northern Hemisphere, and it’s difficult to carry out Grand Plans for self-transformation when the weather is crap, colds, flu, and other Winter ailments have everyone around you feeling like crap, work is crap, there are no more major holidays or time off for a while, and it may well be that all that you can see before you is a barren 3-month long emotional wasteland of paying down holiday debt, eating celery and that gluten-free sawdust stuff everyone says is so good for a flat stomach, before even the faintest hint of Spring arrives to lighten your stony, demoralised little heart.

It’s genuinely difficult to start up an exercise regime when the weather is more inclement than not, too. It’s not entirely your woefully weak will that finally makes you jump off that wagon, with a sigh of mixed resignation and relief, sometime during the third week of January. I’ve seen it firsthand, year after year. I used to work as a lifeguard and a swimming instructor, and every January, the pool would be chock-full of well-intentioned night swimmers, clocking in after work hours to swim and get fit…