Hangover Got You Feeling Like A Half-Frozen Moldy Corpse? Fret Not!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

MC Jizzy’s Tried-and-True 5-Step Rescue Remedy

Bacchanalia Revelers in stone relief carving with wine, grapes and ... lions?

It happens.

It’s maybe that time of the week, or that time of year. Weekends, Holidays, End-of-year parties, Family gatherings, four years of University, or just a crap day… occasionally, we overindulge and we feel it, I mean, really feel it, the next day. Our livers and brains like to remind our whole damned bodies that they’re unhappy with our particular lifestyle choices…

So, rather than mumble-moaning back and forth in self-deprecation and self-pity, here is a targeted list of what you can do for yourself to start feeling better, and a little about why these things work.

First off, a big important DON’T:

1. Do NOT take anything containing Acetaminophen (like Panadol or Tylenol).

These may take the edge off things a little during your monthly cycle or when you’ve got a hell of a headache or aches and pains for other reasons, but taking medications containing acetaminophen after alcohol can seriously damage your liver, or even kill you. So don’t. “But I always do…” NO! Your life has clearly been charmed thus far, so don’t push it. Just don’t. It’s an even more horrible idea than that thing you don’t remember doing last night that got you tagged in so many people’s newsfeeds this morning.


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